Resurrection, a group show about the life of death

About the Show:

The power to create art is the power to give life. In ancient Greece, this power was believed to be worthy only of the gods. Poets and artists were considered only vehicles for divine expression.

Resurrection, a group show about the life of death, curated by Olga Stefan, focuses on the creative process and honors the special power that artists have. David Cook, Eric David Hamilton, Maire Kennedy, Joe McIlhany, Marci Rubin, and Rick Smith use the detritus in our world to make works of art. All six bring life to what was once dead. By combining discarded and otherwise useless objects with other materials, changing their context and manipulating their form, the artists resurrect these objects and create life in the form of art.

About the Artists:

David Cook is a local sculptor and painter. His sculptures have been exhibited at Yello Gallery, while his paintings have been exhibited at Dramaticus Fine Art, during a solo exhibition. He was the featured artist of Around The Coyote 1998. Commissions include the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and other private collectors.

Eric David Hamilton is a Chicago artist working in a variety of media, including painting, video and installation. His work was last seen in a solo exhibition at Beret International. Hamilton has exhibited in Berlin, Germany, in the “Vicinity Exhibition” at the Rockford Museum of Art, and in Around The Coyote.

Maire Kennedy has shown her work at the School of the Art Institute, the Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE, M5, and in the Curator’s Choice exhibition of Around The Coyote 1999. Upcoming solo exhibitions include the Union League Club.

Joe McIlhany is a local sculptor. His work was recently exhibited at Gallery 2828, and in Around The Coyote 1999.

Marci Rubin is an MFA candidate in sculpture at the University of Chicago. Her work has been exhibited locally and during the Curator’s Choice exhibition of Around The Coyote 1998.

Rick Smith has been exhibiting his paintings, sculptures and multi-media assemblages locally and nationally for more than twenty years. He is co-owner of Dramaticus Fine Art.

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Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

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