Special Ed and Friends Only

SPECIAL ED AND FRIENDS ONLY – see photos from the vernissage here

Ever wondered why certain artists make it onto exhibitions and some don’t?

Special Ed and Friends Only explores ways in which the artworld functions – through personal relations, networks, friendships, special interests and the like. Illustrative of this, curator Olga Stefan invited close friends to participate and by means of social networking, auctioned off a spot to an artist that made the strongest proposal for friendship. The winner’s identity is not revealed.

In addition to this, the curator’s relationship to artist-in-residence, Ed Young, is based on a mutual interest to expand professional networks. Just in time for Christmas, the commodification of relationships within the artworld is placed in discussion through a playful yet realistic process.

Ed Young invited one friend.

Join us on Thursday, December 19, 19-22 for the vernissage and drink with us.

Navid Tschopp will be doing a live portrait drawing session for his ongoing Facebook project. http://www.navid.ch/archive.html

It’s B.Y.O.F. – Bring your own friends.

Featuring Cat Tuong Nguyen, Navid Tschopp, Pascal Häusermann, Susanne Sauter, Ed Young, and Zama Kubu.

Opening hours:
Friday, 12-18
Saturday, Family Fun Day, 12-18

Supported by Rote Fabrik and Pro Helvetia



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