I Dreamt of You so Much…Film Tour

I Dreamt of You so Much That…
film by Stefan Constantinescu (RO/SWE), 90’ 2009 – 2019 work in progress

Friday, March 14, 2014, 7-9pm

Dock 18, Seestr. 395, Rote Fabrik, Zurich
a selection of 3 short films by artist Stefan Constantinescu from his ongoing 7-part series

followed by an artist talk and reception

featured films:

Troleibuzul 92 (Bus no. 92), 2009 (8 min)
Family Dinner, 2012 (14 min)
6 Big Fish, 2013 (14 min)

Director: Stefan Constantinescu
Production: Eroikfilm, Stockholm
Original Language(s): Romanian and Swedish with English subtitles

International tour with additional stops in Bern, Chicago, New York, and Bucharest.

I Dreamt of You so Much That…, seven short films that together present one vision from different perspectives, examines intimate moments in the lives of seven couples, who question, challenge and push the limits of their relationship, while blurring the lines between private and public spaces, often to potentially disturbing yet uncertain conclusions. The stories treat the violence and complexity of interaction between men and women, alienation, and the illusion of true connection with the other.

Featured films:
Troleibuzul 92 (Bus no. 92), 2009 (8 min) – A man sits down on a bus and calls his wife or girlfriend. The conversation that ensues becomes more and more threatening and violent, turning the audience, like the other passengers, into unwilling participants.

Family Dinner, 2012 (14 min) – What lies behind the mask of the model Swedish family? While husband and daughter prepare dinner, the mother engages in cell phone sex with a co-worker, only to return to her normal role minutes later.

6 Big Fish, 2013 (14 min) – Two Swedish artists are in Bucharest on a residency and suddenly find themselves responsible for 6 large live goldfish. Their different perspectives on life and art inform their approach to what to do with the fish, and ultimately test their relationship.

Ştefan Constantinescu (1968, Bucharest), is a visual artist and film director living in Stockholm, Sweden and Bucharest, Romania.
In 2009 he represented Romania at Venice Biennial. He explores the issues of identity and memory through films, books and paintings. His fictional movies are shot in a seemingly documentary style, revealing the violence underlying human relationships in contemporary society. Currently, Stefan is working on a feature film entitled Viking Story Line produced by Atmo Stockholm and co-produced by Parada Film Bucharest.

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