Puzzle, Lia Perjovschi

Lia Perjovschi
1985 – 2015

Vernissage: Friday, June 12, 7pm
Show continues until July 12, 2015
ABContemporary, Breitensteinstr. 45, Zürich

Curated by Olga Stefan
The exhibition Puzzle, the first gallery show of Lia Perjovschi’s work in Zurich, presents aspects of the artist’s practice spanning the last thirty years, mixing elements from her Contemporary Art Archive with those from her Knowledge Museum in a collage that offers a glimpse into her ongoing research and investigations.

Set as a spatial timeline through the gallery, dotted with documentation from previous works, but also with new forms of research such as the Knowledge Museum, Puzzle manifests itself as a series of moments and fragments from this important artist’s career, revealing her development in time and the continuity of her intellectual preoccupations.

Lia Perjovschi was born on 11. 04. 1961 in Sibiu, Romania and studied at the Art Academy in Bucharest from 1987-1993. She currently lives in Bucharest and Sibiu. She is the founder and coordinator of CAA /CAA (Contemporary Art Archive and Center for Art Analysis), an organic project that is still in progress (under different names since 1985) and KM (Knowledge Museum based on an interdisciplinary research project from 1999-today). Her activity can be summarized as a journey from her body to the body of knowledge and has been shown in more than 500 exhibitions, lectures, workshops around the world including Tate Modern, Sao Paolo Biennial, Museum of Art Lichtenstein, etc.

(Contemporary Art Archive/Center for Art Analysis ) is a contemporary art museum in files focusing on art and its context, art theory and practice, cultural studies and critical theory. It’s a comprehensive (international) database, “a voice-activated” capsule of knowledge. A frame and platform for ideas, dialogue, communication, empowerment , focusing on issues that reflect the current debate in the art field and new cultural theories — about the social and political relevance of art, its autonomy and its changes.

Under different names, the CAA has been active since 1985 in Lia and Dan Perjovschi’s home in Oradea, in the frame of the experimental studio at the Art Academy in Bucharest (Lia 1987-1993), in Lia and Dan Perjovschi’s artist studio in Bucharest (1990-2010), in national and international museums, galleries, non-profit or artist-run spaces and in the mass media (RO TV1 2000). CAA has been initiated and is maintained by Lia Perjovschi with the help of Dan Perjovschi and supported by various people, institutions and NGOs from all over the world.

Knowledge Museum is a project in which Lia Perjovschi recycles all her other projects. Like an architect, she presents the model – on a table, on the walls, or in a space, using diagrams from her interdisciplinary research – from books, reviews, the Internet, and objects both mainly in museum stores around the globe from 1999-until today (used for educational purposes). The museum comprises 7 (seven) departments: Earth, Body, Art, Culture, Knowledge, Science, and Universe.

It is not “The Museum“ and the associations we make in relation to it – it is a basic starting point. It is her solution to the question “What we can do (to improve or change)?” Knowledge is Surviving (doing the best you can out of what you have). Knowledge is transforming the “object” in the “subject” of history.