For a Limited Time Only, group show 2009

March 6-March 29, 2009

Highland Park Art Center, Highland Park, IL

with Annie Heckman, Marci Rubin, Jess Witte, Shawn Stucky and Wendy Kveck.

To download exhibition brochure, click here: brochure-2

To read the exhibition essay, please click here

About the exhibition:

For a Limited Time Only explores the ephemeral nature of art, and by extension, humanity’s imprint and the artist’s mark, through works that will exist only for the extent of the exhibition. The projects deteriorate, or even disintegrate completely, during the course of the show. For a Limited Time Only concentrates on the urgency of the work, and encourages the artists, as well as audiences, to consider these projects philosophically, focusing primarily on the idea of the work as temporary experience rather than artistic mark, and memory rather than document.

Catalogue printed on wafer paper with edible inks, with essay by Olga Stefan and design by Shawn Stucky, will be distributed at the opening. In keeping with the concept of the exhibit, guests are requested to dispose of and/or consume the catalogue upon reading.

Annie Heckman is an artist based in Chicago with a BFA from the University of Illinois, Chicago and MFA from New York University. Her work explores mortality and afterlife ideologies through sculptural animation installations and works on paper. She has shown her work in numerous spaces, including exhibitions in Chicago, New York City, and Budapest. She is the founder of StepSister Press.

Marci Rubin is a Chicago-based sculptor and printmaker. Her work focuses on transformations through process and materials. Marci has exhibited throughout the city and has received her MFA from the University of Chicago. Her work can also be seen at Framing Mode, a business that she manages and owns.

Wendy Kveck is a multi-media artist living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada, but has shown throughout the country, and in Chicago. Wendy received her MFA at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and her BFA in Painting from The University of Iowa, Iowa City. Her work focuses on women’s role in society and humanity’s obsession with consumption.

Shawn Stucky is a Chicago-based printmaker. His work makes a strong bond among music, feelings, and experiences in life. For Shawn, music can create feelings that he cannot manage to put into words, but feels compelled to create art that gives those feelings a tangible form. Shawn has exhibited at Around The Coyote, the Chicago Art Open, and other venues throughout the city.

Jess Witte is a St. Louis-based artist, originating from Omaha, Nebraska. She received her MFA from Northern Illinois University. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Midwest at museums and art organizations. Her installation, sculpture, and drawing explore control and allude to fixing the transitory. Jess has been an arts administrator and educator for several years and is currently an art instructor at several venues in St. Louis.

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