Drawn Together, group show 2011

Location: Alpineumproduzentengalerie, Luzern

Vernissage: November 11, 2011, 7-10pm

Exhibition dates: November 12-December 5, 2011

Read the essay here and download the publication here.

For images from  the exhibition and the work of the artists, click here and here and here.

About the show:

Drawn Together features six pairs of artists, each pair consisting of one artist from Chicago and one from Switzerland, collaborating on drawing-based projects. The idea originates from the seemingly random pairing of Chicago and Lucerne as Sister Cities, but moves beyond that to explore what brings people together, how they collaborate across so many restricting elements, such as language, culture, geography, and personal philosophies, and how art can function as a bridge.

The show also plays on the various meanings of the verb “to draw”, including to choose (as in to draw a number, name), to move closer (as in to draw someone to another), and to draw as in a picture. The pairs were created through the relatively random drawing of numbers that correspond to the artists’ names.

Participating Artists:
David Chieppo and Selina Trepp
Monika Muller and Dianna Frid
Raphael Egli and Dee Clements
Loredana Sperini and Jennifer Mannebach
Ray Hegelbach and Danny Hein
Tom Fellner and Cody Hudson

Video of opening remarks during vernissage, click here:

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