Blurred Lines

group show featuring Bernard Williams (Chicago, USA), Joelle Flumet (CH), Baltensperger + Siepert (CH), Pascal Häusermann (CH), Bettina Diel (CH/D), Andreas Marti (CH), Vlad Nanca (Bucharest, RO), Sandra Kühne (CH), huber.huber (CH)

A¦B¦C ontemporary Breitensteinstr. 45 Zürich, CH

Vernissage: Thursday, December 4, 2014, 7-10pm

Exhibition continues until January 15, 2015

Exhibition text here

Formally, Blurred Lines questions the fragile boundries between dimensions, with slight missteps in both directions, by moving drawing from the flat plane into space and creating space on the flat plane.

But beyond this formal treatment, the works in Blurred Lines reveal third spaces that defy categorization and that comment on social, political, and personal issues. Zones of marginalization that exist outside accepted norms become the topic of exploration for many of the artists in the show.

Others are introspective but push the limits between public and private selves and expose the tension and overlap between the two.

Blurred Lines starts with an examination of formal heterotopias but it quickly becomes clear that under the surface it is an analysis of social ones.

Installation shots

Blurred Lines4 Blurred Lines5 Blurred Lines6 Blurred Lines7

P1040344 P1040351 P1040352 P1040374 P1040375 P1040379 P1040382 P1040384 P1040385 P1040346 P1040347 P1040348

Vernissage, December 4, 2014

P1040387 P1040388 P1040389 P1040393 P1040394 P1040395 P1040396 P1040410 P1040411 P1040414 P1040421 P1040430 P1040433 Blurred Lines2

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