Lia Perjovschi – Artist Talk, The Knowledge Museum

Corner College, Kochstr. 1, Zurich, 20Uhr

Artist Talk – Lia Perjovschi, The Knowledge Museum

Lia and Dan Perjovschi have often collaborated on political and social causes, but also artistically on the Contemporary Art Archive, an ongoing project and the first archive of its kind in Romania. Lia Perjovschi will discuss a few of her previous projects in their context, the evolution of her practice and the changes it underwent as a result of various personal, social and political events, and how she ultimately reached the Knowledge Museum. The Knowledge Museum is a project in which Lia recycles all her other artistic projects including elements of her Contemporary Art Archive (CAA). Like an architect, she presents a model – on a table, on the walls, or in a space – using diagrams from her interdisciplinary research. This research comes from books, reviews, the internet, and objects mainly in museum stores from around the globe (collected from 1999 until today and used for educational purposes). The Knowledge Museum comprises 7 departments: Earth, Body, Art, Culture, Knowledge, Science, and Universe. It is not ‘The Museum’, but rather a basic starting point. Knowledge is Surviving (doing the best you can out of what you have).


Photos from the event:

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