Venice Biennale Highlights

Some picks from the pavilions…And some disappointments…

The first 3 on my list (strangely enough this year they coincide with my very hybrid identity…)  In no particular order:

1. The US Pavilion – Sarah Sze (click to read my review of her work from a few years ago)

IMG_0136 IMG_0213IMG_0215    IMG_0217


2. The Israel Pavilion – Gilad Ratman

3. The Romania Pavilion – Alexandra Pirici/Manuel Pelmus

A selection of works exhibited at the Biennale over the course of the last 120 or so years is performed on an ongoing basis for the duration of the 55th Biennale.  Here, the Modigliani restrospective in 1930 (with two spectators – the couple in the middle holding hands – becoming an involuntary part of the performance).  The nuns in the last photograph were also enjoying the performances…My only “criticism” would be that this could get rather repetitive and collapse into a “schtick” if continued in too many other contexts…

IMG_0154 IMG_0169IMG_0165IMAG1884


Not worth the hype:

1. The Russia Pavilion- Vadim Zhakarov


2. The Bristish Pavilion – Jeremy Deller

Other pavilions that stayed in my mind:

1. The Canada Pavilion – Shary Boyle


2. The Turkey Pavilion – Ali Kuzma

3. The Chile Pavilion – Alfredo Jaar

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