The Guest

Performance by Navid Tschopp with the participation of Olga Stefan in conjunction with Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Hospitality as Artistic Practice

Read exhibition essay here for more information on each project


IMAG0993 (Medium)

IMAG0994 (Medium)

IMAG0995 (Medium)

IMAG0996 (Medium)

IMAG0997 (Medium)

IMAG0998 (Medium)

IMAG0999 (Medium)

IMAG1000 (Medium)

IMAG1001 (Medium)

IMAG1003 (Medium)

IMAG1005 (Medium)

IMAG1006 (Medium)




navid tschoppNavid Tschopp1Navid Tschopp3navid tschopp4

IMG_0367Video of performance playing in adjascent space during the rest of the weekend

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