Some Meals and Small Objects

Performance and Installation by Cat Tuong Nguyen and Tracy Lim in conjunction with Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Hospitality as Artistic Practice

Read exhibition essay here for more information on each project

curated by Olga Stefan

Day 1, August 22, 2013

On the first day of the project, Cat Tuong and Tracy started at Limmatplatz and approached passersby by asking them if they would be interested in inviting the two artists to their house to cook together.  This strategy did not result in any successful encounters despite one lady’s offer of a symbol of friendship that was displayed on one of the shelves for day 1.



Day 2, August 23

The two artists changed strategy and instead of approaching passersby, they created a sign that said, “Artists Cook At Your Home for Free” and posted it along with the the exhibition flyers on the street, waiting for the passersby to come to them, which indeed they did.  On this day they received one invitation from a Swiss lady.





photo 1a

photo 2b

photo 3c


Day 3, August 24

Cat Tuong and Tracy continue their strategy of waiting for passersby to approach them, and they once again receive an invitation to cook, this time from a Phillipina woman visiting her daughter.

photo 4

photo 4d

Day 4, August 25

The same strategy as before is used and results in 2 invitations, one from a Pro Helvetia employee who knows of Cat Tuong’s practice, and another from a friend of a friend who recognizes Cat Tuong.  The question of the possibility for absolute hospitality remains open…

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