Declining Democracy exhibition at CCC Strozzina, Florence

I’m posting some photographs from the exhibition, Declining Democracy, which I found absolutely fantastic.  Great installation and great work, including examples of collective action projects that would not be traditionally considered art. For detailed information on each project, visit: One thing I found rather surprising is the absence of two projects from the website which were included in the show: the film, Quants: the Alchemists of Wall Street and The Grand Rapids commercial as a revitalization project.

Thomas Killper – A Lighthouse at Lampedusa project

Thomas Hirschhorn – Where Do I Stand? What Do I Want?, 2007

Francis Alys – The MAKING OF, When Faith Moves Mountains, 2002

BUUUUUUUUU – One minute smile against Berlusconi, 2011

Political Slogan, 2011

Michael Bielicky and Kamila B. Richter – Garden of Error and Decay, 2011

Lucy Kimbell – Physical Bar Charts, 2011

DEMOCRACIA – Ser y Durar, 2011

Artur Zmijewski – Democracies, 2009

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