The Better-Late-Than-Never Basel Top 10 at Statements and Unlimited

Overall, Art Statements was quite weak this year but there were many installations at Unlimited that impressed. I wish I had more time to write some actual thoughts, but I don’t…so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, and I’ll just add my 2 cents – really only 2 cents.

Petrit Halilaj, Chert, Berlin. Kostërrc (CH)
Piece about displacement, migration, longing for a long-lost home….My favorite topics. Of course land is metaphorically connected to belonging, and here the artist, originally from Kosovo, drove this piece of earth from Kosovo to Basel for this installation. Much to be pondered over…

At Unlimited there seemed to be a lot of the male canon figures like R. Rauschenberg, Carl Andre, James Turrell, Dan Flavin, Fred Sandback – the work was exquisite despite this…This is not in any order but it is top 10, somehow.

R. Rauschenberg

J. Turrell

F. Sandback

C. Andre

D. Flavin

Then there was the fantastic sculpture by Anish Kapoor, who deserves a huge kudos and much respect for pulling out of his exhibition in China in protest over Ai Weiwei’s arrest and disappearance. Such lusciousness and tactility – really beautiful.

Anish Kapoor

Ceryth Wyn Evans’ wind-chime mobile was also lovely – calm chirping sounds emanating from the chimes and mirrors reflecting the visitors, making us feel lost.

Ceryth Wyn Evans

Finally a woman artist: great piece and great artist!

Mona Hatoum

Cool enormous mobile made of drywall squares.

Etienne Chambaud

After their not-so-well appreciated pavilion work in Venice, this installation was much more engaging.

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla

Not so cool was Daniel Buren’s piece. Maybe it’s time for some other patterns?

Other nice work:
The always exciting Jason Rhoades.

Katarzyna Kozyra made a moving film featuring old people dancing in the nude to the Rite of Spring with a choreography that is obviously difficult for them to carry out. Frailty, old age, and vulnerability coupled with strength and determination to overcome…

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